My Monster

My monster’s name: Bunnicula
My monster’s appearance: Cute and fuzzy
My monster’s personality: Placcid, cept when hungry
My monster’s favorite thing: Carrot juice
My monster’s way to hide: Hats….

Relationships that my monster has stolen or borrowed:

What My Monster Can Do

Hit Location Numbers and Name: Dice: Qualities and Extras:
Pinky 1 Nose 5 Useful (Detect by smell)
Sucky Fangs 2 Teeth 5 Attack (Gnarly, Sharing)
Floppsies 3 Ears 5 Useful (Fly, Detect by sound)
Hasenpfeffer 4-5 Body 10 Defend (Tough, Tough)
Soft Fuzzy 6-7 Furr 10 Defend (Tough)
Jumping Paws 8-9 Legs 10 Useful (super fast jumps, sharing)
Puffy Tail 0 Tail 5 Defend Useful (cute)


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