Walter Zaboglio


Essential Data

Student’s Name: Walter
Parents/Guardians: Walter’s Mom and Walters Dad, if they have real names no one uses them
Birth Date: November 25th
Gender: Male
School: Greenwood Elementary
Grade Level: 4th
Homeroom Teacher: Miss Wormwood
Monster: Squishmish

Subjective Evaluation

Appearance: Short, generic, blond, very slight, lt. blue eyes
Personality: Quiet, and kind of shy but interested
Favorite Thing: Pasta
Something Good: Walter is a pleasure to have in class, he always get his work done on time and seems to enjoy group projects more then work by himself
Something Bad: Walter does not put himself forward enough and seems to have a hard time communicating his ideas with others
Comments: … See above?

Performance Evaluation

Feet (Locations 1-2) 4
Skill: P.E. 2
Skill: Kicking
Skill: Dodging 1
Guts (Locations 3-6) 4
Skill: Wind
Skill: Courage 2
Skill: Wrestling 1
Hands (Locations 7-8) 3
Skill: Shop 1
Skill: Punching
Skill: Blocking 1
Brains (Location 9) 2
Skill: Out-Think 3
Skill: Remember
Skill: Notice 2
Face (Location 10) 2
Skill: Charm
Skill: Putdown 1
Skill: Connive 1


Favorite folk (made of silver) 3
Mom and Dad 2
Bob (stuffed tomato) 1

XP: 0


Walter Zaboglio

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