Character Creation Summary

Character Creation Summary

MaOCT Page: 23

Step 1: Name and Stuff. Come up with a Name, an Age, your Favorite Thing, a Bad Thing You Did, and a Good Thing You Did. We’re not going to give you guidelines on these, because they can be just about anything as long as the GM says it’s OK. But this stuff should help you zoom in on your character a little.

Step 2: Stats. You have five stats that each star t at 1 die, and you have 10 dice to divide up between them (up to 5d, or five dice, in any one stat).

Step 3: Skills. Your skills each start at 0, and you have 15 dice to divide up between them (up to 5d in any one).

Step 4: Relationships. You have six dice to divide up between your relationships (up to 5d in any one), and you get a special relationship with your monster called a Bond.

Step 5: Monster. See Monsters (page 59) for how to create your very own Unspeakable Fiend… I mean, Friend.

Character Creation Summary

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