Monster Abilities

Monster Qualities

Each Quality costs one die

This monster can use this location to attack.

This Monster can use this location to defend. Your monster can also use this location to defend his kid if the kid is near enough. Using this location to defend both the kid and himself requires multiple actions.

This monster can use this location to do something rather useful. This can include: Flying, tracking by scent, walking on walls, running really fast, burrowing, phasing through matter, ect. As long as you can justify that the ability is useful it can be as esoteric as the ability to swallow something the size of a pony only to be able to regurgitate it later completely intact…and probably alive (despite the pony’s wishes to not have lived through the experience)

Monster Extras

Monster extras can be taken more than once. Each level of the ability costs one die

Each level of this gives your monster’s attack a die worth of splash damage. Area can also apply to the ability “useful”. In this case all people in the area get the useful ability.

Taken once: this ability lets you set one of the monster’s dice for this hit location to any value, you roll the rest. Taken Twice: This lets you change one die value AFTER you’ve rolled them.

Classic! This lets you set things on fire!

This attack is especially harmful. It gets one extra point of damage for every point of gnarly.

This allows the monster’s kid to use this hit location’s ability as if it were his own. This frequently leads to physical transformation if appropriate. A kid CAN use this ability even if the monster is hidden.
A kid using the monster’s ability is noticeable to an observer who makes a sufficient brains/notice check

This is a spray attack, when using this attack the monster can use one extra multiple per level of this extra.

This part of the monster is rather resilient to damage. Knock off one point of damage for every level of this extra.

Wicked Fast
This means that your monster is faster at being wicked! Each level adds to the speed (width). In DnD terms: this attack gets a bonus to it’s initiative.

Monster Abilities

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